Telekom Austria Group promotes diversity, drives motivation and fosters an international and modern working environment.


The world is subject to dynamic changes. The rapid evolution of technology and digitalisation will have a lasting impact on economic systems, business models as well as social and personal habits. No one can predict what the world will look like in 2050. However, Telekom Austria Group and its employees are ready for current and future challenges.

Telekom Austria Group’s common purpose, strategy and corporate culture are aligned to its ‘Reason Why’: Empowering digital life. Even beyond providing high-performing and future- proof networks, the company is paving the way for digitalisation by means of targeted initia- tives and measures.


No customers means no business! It is as simple as that. We are not driven by internal process- es but by focusing on customer needs and on our business strategy. Our customers’ trust is very valuable to us.

Implemented in 2016, Telekom Austria Group’s Guiding Principles ‘Team’, ‘Trust’ and ‘Agility’ form a framework for new working methods and will impact the steps the company takes re- garding its own development in the near future.


Expertise and talent management is valuable only if new skills, knowledge and insights are put into action. The Telekom Austria Group follows the model of 70:20:10, which divides employee development into 70% on-the-job training, 20% learning from peers and 10% formal training. This means learning is brought back into the workplace, where employees continuously devel- op along with their colleagues, peers, in teams, online and in real life.

Young potentials across the Group can apply to take part in a company development pro- gramme at the Telekom Austria Group Business School. Employees are expected to be open to new ideas and to think in new dimensions – including actively breaking from old routines, showing entrepreneurship and taking personal responsibility for their professional growth and career opportunities.

The Telekom Austria Group supports cross-divisional and cross-country collaboration. Employees are encouraged to work within international project groups across the company.


Taking on a leading role in the digital age is associated with a lot of challenges that require a new management style and cor- porate culture. When it comes to the pursuit and achievement of business objectives, managers bear a great deal of responsi- bility for enabling their teams to perform well. At Telekom Austria Group, a Group-wide model for performance manage- ment standards ensures a focus not only on quantitative re- sults but also on individual strengths and development op- tions for each employee. Peer feedback is crucial.

An organisation that adapts to feedback from its employees is non-bureaucratic and offers a val- ue-added working environment, where daily life is fun and flows effectively and smoothly. This is exactly how the employee journey at Telekom Austria Group is supposed to be experienced.

Telekom Austria Group aims to be an attractive employer by focusing on employee experience as well as the simplicity of processes and structures. Employees’ commitment, enthusiasm and experience play a decisive role when it comes to achieving customer satisfaction. They con- tribute substantially to the common purpose of empowering digital life.



We work together by using shared assets and strengths to fulfil our customers’ expecta- tions. It is important for us to be open and transparent as a team in what we say and do. Everyone’s opinion counts, everyone is empowered to act.


Trust creates an environment in which curiosity, openness and collaboration are key. We truly stand behind what we say and we keep our promises. We trust in the knowledge and empowerment of all employees. We act with integrity in our interactions with each other as well as with customers, suppliers and partners. This helps us to become better every day.


The digital world is not waiting for us to adapt. We take decisions and execute them quickly. We learn in our daily work, when talking to colleagues and in our social net- works. We learn from our failures and always try again.


1) Own work capitalized, which was previously reported in other operating income, is reported on a net basis in personnel costs. The comparative period 2015 was adjusted.

More teamwork: The launch of a Group-wide social media platform is encouraging cross-divisional cooperation within international project groups and virtual teams as well as the transfer of expertise.